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Project GATE

Gate to the world of employment


This unique project, created in cooperation with Career center of VŠB – TU Ostrava and ELFIUM, aims to improve companies and people within them. Project GATE brings innovative solutions into the training of graduates for real life and their future employment. It has emerged from the current market situation – real demand of companies for perspective and quality workers. By joining the project you increase your future chances of gaining a prestigious job right after graduating. Companies can benefit by gaining ready employees into their teams.

What companies say and what problems they face?
  • A graduate costs 6-12 salaries before being productive
  • Students don’t have basic work habits: diligence, responsibility and respect
  • Graduates can’t think in perspective and multitask
  • Graduates have unrealistic opinions on the world, how companies work and are surprised after enrolling.
  • Companies don’t have time for lengthy interviews with unsure results
  • Companies don’t hire to fill up spots. They need to show some skills and attitude


The goal of the project is, by participating in special academy, to prepare students for a smooth transition into an active working life and to provide companies with young and perspective workers who will have some practical experience and who can immediately start working.



The project is built as a multilevel academy including development of basic skills that current market demands. Specific tasks come directly from real life top managers.

Learning from experience of managers and salesmen, doing start-up projects to try out the theory in real situations and trying to cooperate with real companies. The project is built upon practical and real situations of working life – no playing but hard reality.

Students, you gain
  • Overview of how it works in real world.
  • Key skills that companies demand.
  • Practice and experience from start-up projects.
  • A knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses to leverage your potential
  • An offer of specific job openings.
  • A personal recommendation for prospective employers.
Companies, you gain
  • You save time spent on hiring process and lengthy interviews.
  • Graduates with different work habits and attitude then normally
    (Responsibility, diligence, respect, multitasking,…)
  • You save costs and energy spent on training new workers.
  • Possibility to adjust final part of GATE according to your special requests.