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Our services

„We help to increase performance of individuals, teams and of the whole company.“

Skills development

Individual and team development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through interactive forms of training with a prominent focus on practicing real situations. We aim to change attitudes in real work-life. We have measurement tools to evaluate the implementation into practice.

Management consulting

We use change projects to create, develop and implement visions and ideas and turn them into results. We build on the fact that firms need to grow (turnover, profit…) continuously and we use experience and opportunities of modern times and modern trends that enable us to create new values for you.

HR services

These services are grouped into three areas of firms’ support:
  • selection and tailored preparation of people as per your requirements;
  • temporary filling of position with an experienced person;
  • conceptual approach in the form of systematic preparation of students thanks to innovative GATE project.

Fund consulting

We offer complex tailored services in the area of fund acquisition and implementation of investment projects from European structural funds. We will take care of your plan starting with the selection of appropriate program, through implementation, up to the last document handover.

Strategic purposes

We help to optimize the input expenses of companies. We reach out to new providers, deal with existing partners, prepare and implement tenders, assess offers, conduct price negotiations and audit preselected providers. We know how to provide needed capacity through outsourcing in order to cover all your processes.

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